What is a pre order? 

A pre order item is an item that is not in stock and has future release date. Your pre order ensures you have secured the style you absolutely love. Once your item arrives to us you will receive an email with your tracking number. If you are in a hurry and must be the first to obtain new items and have an exact time frame in which you need the new items we do not recommend pre ordering with any small businesses. Most of the time we have no control of arrival dates and patiently wait for inventory to arrive :).


Some of my items are already in stock why haven’t they shipped?

Your order ships until it is entirely in stock. Unfortunately we do not split ship orders. If any of your items from your orders are in stock you can also pick them up as they arrive in store. If one of your bags is in the “in stock” tab online and you do not want to wait you can also contact us and we will invoice you for shipping of that item and send it to you. 


Loungefly released my pre order bag will it ship out shortly?

Not all the time. Loungefly .com is the primary website owned by Loungefly themselves. They have access to items immediately as they arrive. All Authorized retailers receive items at completely different times, a small shop can receive an item 2-6 weeks before another does but that does not mean they won’t be receiving it. Usually When Loungefly posts a new style online it usually takes 2-3 weeks for us retailers to receive it.  If you pre ordered a style rest assure you are guaranteed your bag  and it will be sent out to you as soon as we receive it :).


How will I know when my item arrives?

Once your item arrives to our facility you will receive an email with your tracking number that means it is going out already. You can also check on what is currently scheduled to arrive at our warehouse. 


Will you restock a sold out pre order?

No. Unfortunately when an item sells out most of the time we are unable to add more inventory since the manufacturing company is sold out themselves. Like you, we pre order and reserve a set quantity months ahead. In some cases companies minimize the quantity they reserved and we are able to receive extra. 


I am moving and I pre ordered an item.

We will be more than happy to fix that for you. Contact us at awesomecollectiblesinc@gmail.com with your order number along with the old and new address you would like your package to be sent to. 


I want to cancel my pre order

We can definitely help you with that. All orders are subject to a 20% cancellation fee unless you request store credit. If you wish to proceed with a cancellation please email us at awesomecllectiblesinc@gmail.com with the following: 
"My name is [FULL NAME] and I would like to cancel order number [order]. I would like to receive store credit to avoid the cancellation fee"

"My name is [FULL NAME] and I would like to cancel order number [order]. I am aware of the cancellation fee applied to my order"